Junction 3D was founded in 2014 with a sole mission to provide our customers with the best 3d printers that are also incredibly affordable.

Thanks to a very close partnership with Reify3d, the creators of the Solus DLP 3d Printer,  we are proud to offer the Solus for sale here in U.S.

Most of our clients are in the jewelry industry, dental and creative industries, and they all need high resolution 3d prints of their models. The Solus fits the bill perfectly on that front with it's affordable price and state of art technology that outputs incredible resolutions with the smooth print surface quality.

Located in Santa Clarita, CA, Junction 3D is strategically located close to the world famous Jewelry District in Downtown LA and other creative centers throughout Los Angeles.

Our plan is not only to sell the Solus, but also provide technical support services, have consumables available and provide you with any help you might need with your machine.