Introducing the Solus Contour 3d printing Software.

SOLUS CONTOUR: A state-of-the-art hardware deserves the right softwareDeveloped from the ground-up exclusively for the Solus 3d printer, SolusContour software is full of cutting edge features, that really unlock the full potential of the Solus.

Optimized Hardware Acceleration
The software is optimized to put your cpu, memory, and high-end graphics cards (Nvidia) to work, and make everything faster. Slice previews, slicing, manipulation, etc.

Easy to Use and Elegant User Experience
The goal was to make the software super easy to use for our users, but also incredibly powerful. We tried to make everything simple and to just make sense.

Powerful Automatic and Manual Support Generation
Good Automatic Supports are a myth in the 3d printer industry. Contour changes that with it's advanced, smart, optimized automatic support generation. It also allows for complete manual point-and-click supporting, automatic support editing, ring bottom supports and more.

Blazing Fast Layer Preview and Slicing
Preview the layers in real-time inside the viewport. This will allow to easily detect “islands” and overhangs that need supports. The layer slicing engine we use is unlike any other and offers fast performance and accuracy.

Custom Resin Profiles and Open Resin System
All the parameters of the software, such as exposure times, layer thicknesses, etc., are open. We do no restrict anything, so that our customers can use any resin they like. In fact, the software also includes tested and ready-to-print profiles for some of the most popular 3rd party resins on the market.

Included With a Purchase of a Solus 3d Printer
The software is free of charge with a purchase of a new Solus. Existing Solus owners can upgrade for a small fee of $99 per machine.

Only $99 per License!

Contour Software Demo Videos

Printing Demo

Support Structures Demo