Testimonial - Bob Staley

I have only had my Solus 3D Printer a short while, but it has quickly become my "go to" system for rapid prototyping.  Easy to operate, small footprint, excellent support, and quite affordable.  The models it generates are smooth, precise, AND it produces them quickly!  After 37 yrs in the business only a few tools have come along that were real game changers for me.  Solus is on that short list!  THANK YOU!

Bob Staley - Jewelry Artisan

Testimonial - Lee Lally

I would just like to let all of you know that I recently took delivery of a Solus 3D printer, and I can say with confidence it is one of, if not the, best printer on the market today. I own a Form1, and I get prints from casting companies who have the cream of the crop as far as printers go. Nothing has the quality of the Solus, it is outstanding. For $3000 I will have the highest quality 3D printing capability on the market today. The customer service has been incredible. It runs on open source printing software, so the setup is a bit involved, but once it is up and running, everything is buttery smooth. I encourage you all to take a look at this product.

- Lee Lally (Jeweler)

Testimonial - Mark Miller

I cannot tell you how happy I have been not only with the Solus 3D Printer but the service I have received from Emil at Junction3D. The technical support and expertise has been outstanding ever since my purchase of the Solus 3D Printer. I cannot waste time when a customer is expecting a project to be done; it must be completed when I promise. From the very start I was up and running with the Solus 3D Printer, any questions I have had were answered without hesitation and total expertise. Junction3d has demonstrated to me that support in the 3D Printing industry does exist.

      If you are hesitant in purchasing a 3D printer hesitate no more and contact Junction3D and you will learn what great service is all about. Junction3D will not be one of those companies that fade away. With the products they have and the great service they give, you will be inspired to take that leap into the world of 3D Printing.  Give Emil at Junction3D a call to purchase your 3D Printer today!

- Mark Miller (Jeweler)

Testimonial - Robert O'Dell

I'm a die hard miller and my clients love my product but workarounds had become too cumbersome and time consuming. It was obvious I needed a 3d printer and the Solus printer made sense as a way to maintain quality and continue to meet deadlines on complicated pieces. There's a lot to like about this printer-the price point, the simplicity of the TUF peeling mechanism and excellent customer support, to name a few. Just knowing technical help is only an email or phone call away is like insurance against critical down time. I'm very happy with my purchase.

- Robert O'Dell (Jewelry Designer/CAD Modeler)

Testimonial - James Vernon

I purchased my printer about a month ago and I have to say that the Solus system has the most bang for your buck.  With two different build platforms and excellent customer service,  I would recommend the Solus system to anyone that wants to get into 3d printing or 3d printing jewelry. I have been in the jewelry industry for more than 10 years and have worked with several different kinds of printers and CNC machines.  The Solus, once you have the system down, would be a great asset to any jewelry designer.  I have worked with Emil (Representative of Solus, Monger Designs and 3d Junction) and he has directed and guided me through the setup process with professionalism and patience.  I am very happy with my purchase and I cannot wait to see what Solus will come up with next.

James Vernon - Mobius Jewelry Design

Testimonial - Matthew Gross

I love my solus. Plug and play, it's what we all thought the CNC were gonna be.  They only thing you need to learn is how to support the models, but that is with any printer.  The support Emil and Mark give is crazy great!  If I email them at 1 am Mark is right there to answer, 9 am in the morning and Emil is on line to answer and if I need to talk to them Emil always there to help. They have guided me through the entire process which makes me want to help my local friends that have purchased the machine,  to help alleviate the questions on Emil and Mark so they have more time developing the upgrades on the machine and testing resins.

- Matthew Gross (Jeweler)

Testimonial - Joseph Shiver

I'm happy with the decision that I have made in purchasing the Solus. I am very excited in the ability of being able to produce anything now and not having to wonder how I'm going to mill it. The support is great and quick. Very little in setting the machine each time I want to grow a new model. An almost one button push and go kind of deal.

- Joseph Shiver (Jeweler)

Testimonial - David Wages

I am very happy with my Solus, I had no 3d printing experience received the Solus on a Tuesday afternoon and was printing by noon on Wednesday.  In 2 weeks I have printed at least 2 dozen models.  So much easier than running my mill.   I am very pleased with my decision to purchase the Solus both the machine and support from Junction 3d have been outstanding. 

- David Wages (Jeweler)

Testimonial - Len Klutts

I have been looking for a 3d printer for a long time. When I saw the Solus printer and the quality of the prints I knew that I had to have one. The learning curve is very small, nothing compared to a mill. I got all the help I needed to set it up and was amazed at the ease of setup and printing. Emil, from Junction3d, is a wiz with the printer and I knew nothing. The level of service has been just great. He has had a lot of patience with me. I would highly recommend this printer and junction3d to anyone.  Great printer , great people.

- Len Klutts (Jeweler)

Testimonial - Ken Sanders

In my opinion, the Solus is the best printer on the market, priced under $15000.00! It will print a variety of resins and will do so at speeds much higher than other printers. The quality is unsurpassed. I am very pleased with the quality of the prints I am getting, and the customer support I have received. Don't get locked into a printer that uses very expensive proprietary resins. Several resin manufacturers are currently developing castable resins, tailored toward jewelers as I type this. The Solus will print all of them and do it flawlessly; at very high resolutions and speeds. I am very happy with my purchase and I would recommend the Solus to any jeweler looking for a great quality printer at a very affordable price.

- Ken Sanders (Jeweler / Founder of 3dcadjewelry.com)